Our Design and Planting philosophy.

Primarily we design gardens to create a strong emotive responsive.
All designs must work practically and utilize only quality plants and materials..
The hard landscaping is also based on the use of quality materials and is designed to last for decades.
Although I often incorporate many of my personal signature plants, the planting will be original and be site specific, not just a generic horticultural carpet laid out on each job.
The planting will be artistic and have strong structural elements to it but without any pretentious back story or disingenuous context given to it. How you feel about your garden can only come from you and is not something that can be imposed by me onto you.

As a garden designer I have a particular interest in generating planting schemes for gardens of all sizes and especially creative wildflower planting schemes for cottage garden designs. I also have extensive experience in design plans for those with more contemporary and modern planting ideas.
Sustainability and recycled products- if we can use recycled materials to enhance the design then I will choose these over “1st time materials”.
As gardeners we realize that the basis of any successful garden is healthy soil. The plants chosen for your garden will be chosen to match your soil conditions. I don’t impose my designs onto the garden and just hope they work! The soil is the driving force behind our approach and fundamental to the success of any design project.